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Dr. Hanna Wollocko, President and CEO of OXYVITA Inc. was invited to participate as a panel speaker at the 2012 Economic Forum in Krynica. Dr. Wollocko presented the OxyVita products and their impact on medicine in emergency treatement.

The benefit of having this type of treatment mode, as presented by Dr. Wollocko, was two fold. First, by bringing treatment to patients at the site of the accident. OxyVita’s unique properties allow for it to be potentially carried on ambulances, for administration at the site of the accident, thereby potentially avoiding the patient succumbing to a shock situation. Secondly, there is a great financial benefit to the use of OxyVita product. Not only does it potentially eliminate overhead costs of blood administration, but also can reduce the cost of treatment by keeping the patient out of shock, and therefore reducing the cost of care for the patient in the overall scenario. The participation in this forum has demonstrated that the OxyVita product is a serious proponent and candidate for approval and use in the global market. The European Union has taken notice of the unique characteristics. The participation in this forum has opened doors for OXYVITA in the European Marketplace. The presence of the pharmaceutical sector was not significant at the conference. OXYVITA and J&J were two amongst a few with a significant showing at the forum.