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OXYVITA has been working with the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) in Bethesda, MD over the past several years in testing the potential for the OxyVita product to be used in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) treatment. It is theorized that because of the smaller size of the molecule, as well as the increased oxygen carrying capacity, that the OxyVita product may be able to minmize damage caused to brain tissue in TBI situations. TBI is an extremely detrimental condition, caused primarily by head injury, that many of the soldiers over-seas suffer. The results from the last several years have prompted the Navy to move forward with the study, and sign a new Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), with the aim of moving forward with the studies, eventually testing in large animal models. OXYVITA is very excited to have this strong and capable partner behind the use of the product and as a collaborator in the field.