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After many years of extensive development and quality control, we’ve developed a number of different products, each with its own scope and use.


OXYVITA Liquid Form

OxyVita is a polymerized stroma free hemoglobin.This polymeric hemoglobin solution is clinically useful as a blood substitute due to its oxygen carrying function. OxyVita can dramatically reduce the need for blood donated by human donors and significantly reduce the risks associated with blood transfusions.

The OxyVita™ is the oxygen carrier produced based on the University of Maryland patent licensed exclusively to OXYVITA Inc.




OxyVita Powder

OxyVitaPowder: “INSTANT BLOOD”

OxyVitaPowder – this is tPowderFormhe next success story of our Research and Development group at OXYVITA Inc.

The product, based on OxyVita production, can be converted in powder form. Two
formulations were created which allow for reconstitution in water or Ringer’s solution. OxyVita Powder just completed its first successful animal studies at Virginia Commonwealth University declaring it the first working blood substitute in powder form in the world.