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Dr. Wollocko has held the CEO position at OXYVITA Inc. for the past four years. Dr. Wollocko is a physician with a first-degree specialization in Internal medicine and expertise in oncology. As a part of her medical training, Dr. Wollocko worked not only in intensive care units, but also in blood banks in Europe. Dr. Wollocko has recognized the need for a safe and effective blood substitute product. She was responsible for the acquisition of the patent licenses from the University of Maryland as well as organizing the development of the pilot scale production. Previously the head of a pharmaceutical contract laboratory for several years, Dr. Wollocko had gained a knowledge of FDA regulations as well as the operational aspects of the pharmaceutical business. She has also been the cornerstone of relations between OXYVITA Inc. and the external clinical study sites, as well as the staff at those sites, in preperation for clinical and pre-clinical studies on the OxyVita product.