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Mr. Wollocko has been involved actively in OXYVITA Inc. since its beginning. He played an essential role in the scale up process, from the laboratory scale provided in the acquired patents, to a commercially viable production. In the past year, he has contributed to various accomplishments to the laboratory, which resulted in a further 6 percent increase in laboratory productivity. Mr. Wollocko has experience in working with pharmaceuticals, FDA related documentation and approval processes and is therefore the designee for the validation work that needs to be performed on the production systems. He has been a consultant for various pharmaceutical companies over the past 5 years. Most recently, he played a vital role in the arranging of funding for the company. Mr. Wollocko has a Masters Degree in Computer Science qualifying him as the computer systems administrator, as well as Chief Informations Officer for OXYVITA. Through his expertise in computer systems and FDA regualtion, he is responsible for CFR Part 211 complience through out the facility.