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Arnaldo J. Sehwerert is the Regional Director of the Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a positionthat he has held for over six years. Under his leadership, the SBDC provides general counseling for smallbusinesses and entrepeneurs in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Prior to the SBDC, Mr. Sehwerrtworked for DMS-RAPP Collins Direct Marketing, Publinversiones Advrtising Group, Colomia Sehwerert Consulting, Polar Breweries, Inra Personnel & Management Coultants and IESA Graduate School of Management in Venezuela, as well as SUNY Binghampton and Cornell Universities. As an active member of the community, he serves on many boards and and committees including: the Cambers of Commerce of Ulster, Orane, Poughkeepsie Area and Sullivan County, Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, The Solar Energy Consortium, Ulster County Cornell Cooperative Outreach, SUNY Ulster Larino Initiative, and the Qualiy of Life and Business Services Committeeof the Ulster Tomorrow Project. He is the past VP of the International Advrtising Association Board of Directors, Venezuela Chapter and a past member of the Venezuelan Dirct Marketing Association Board and Marina delRey Yacht Club.