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The product, based on OxyVita production, can be converted in powder form. Two formulations were created which allow for reconstitution in water or Ringer’s solution. OxyVita Powder just completed its first successdul animal studies at Virginia Commonwealth University declaring it the first working blood substitute in powder form in the world.

“Instant Blood”

The benefits of the having a powder form of OxyVita are tremendous. These benefits include increased stability as well as easier storage. OxyVitaPowder does not require refrigeration, which is especially useful in areas where refrigeration is scarce.

Researchers at OxyVita noted no significant differences between the amount of hemoglobin, the amount of met hemoglobin, or the size of the polymer in the powdered form in comparison to the liquid form. When dissolving, the product does not change its characteristic solution from which was created.

Recent successful studies of OxyVitaPowder has proven its efficacy in-vivo. After reconstitution, it demonstrates the same abilities as OxyVita solution. OxyVita has been rigorously tested for many years in animal studies performed at John Hopkins University.