What is OxyVita

OxyVita is a molecule that is specifically designed with the purpose of delivering Oxygen to the human (or animal) body. The basic principles of our science: Blood transfusions are not as safe as we would want them to be. When an individual goes into the Hospital and needs a transfusion, the list of warnings is close to a paragraph long! Also, Whole blood isn’t always available for use, be it because of lack of inventory (let’s not forget that blood relies on donations) or a lack of specific blood type in inventory, or even location (remote areas and ambulances cannot have blood stored).

The world has been on a quest to solve the problem of the blood transfusion. The reliance on blood is staggering, and while many of us live in places where delivery of blood is not a problem, like heavily populated areas, there is a very significant portion of the population that do not have easy access. When considering the picture of the whole world, the problem only grows in magnitudes. In 2006, and alarming statistic from Mexico was published where there were 25 million transfusions that were needed, that went un-performed.

And we are not alone. The animals that we call pets also have a need for blood transfusions as a mode of treatment in veterinary offices. What’s troubling is that there is a lack of a centralized blood banking body, like the Red Cross for humans, in the animal market-place.

Enter OxyVita.

OxyVita is a stand alone product, based on an ubiquitous source, cleaned, manufactured and packaged in a production laboratory. The product, which is considered an equivalent to a red blood cell transfusion, has none of the short-comings of the red blood cell transfusion. The product has no blood type, does not carry disease, and has an incredible storage shelf life. What’s more, the scientists at OXYVITA have been able to make a powder form of the product – stable at room temperature for up to 5 years!

This is a product that looks like red blood cells, is administered like red blood cells, with an amazing curbing of risk associated. The product may be one day used not only in the hospital, since there is no typing or storage restriction, it could be used in ambulances, battlefields and perhaps even on site!

OxyVita has undergone years of animal model testing, and is currently in the process of studies to approach the veterinary marketplace. It is expected that our furry friends will have access to the life-saving potential of this product within the next 12-24 months. Humans will have to continue to wait for the time being, but a product for human use is also being prepared.